Jen Brown

Marine Ostinato at the Australian Ceramics Triennale, Hobart (2019)

Marine Ostinato is a multi media performance that explores creativity, transformation and the beauty of Tasmania’s rugged coastline through pottery, shadow puppetry, video and music. Artist Shannon Garson has brought together 3 artists working in different mediums for this project shadow puppetry, projection art, ceramics and live music. It premiered at the Australian Ceramics Triennale in Hobart, May 2019.

Marine Ostinato is:

  • Shannon Garson: concept, drawing, throwing pots and performance
  • Louise King: cello, original music with electronic looping, performance
  • Jen Brown: video art, front & rear projection

Shannon’s thoughts about bringing this project together: 
“For many years I’ve seen the wonder on people’s faces as I’ve started a lump of clay spinning on the potter’s wheel and it becomes a jug, a bowl, a cup. Seeing a vessel rise from a lump of clay or a drawing appear from the end of a pencil or music come pouring out of a wooden instrument is a magical thing, it captures the essence of transformation and connection, it takes us out of our solitary lives and connects us to others. I see “Marine Ostinato” as a distillation of this wonder, taking the private, moments of artistic creation and sharing them through performance and music. Marine Ostinato is designed to delight and inspire reminding us all of the wonders of the world we live in.”

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