Jen Brown

APPAN (Asia Pacific Performing Arts Network) Festival, India 2010

The 12th iteration of this international festival of dance and music was held in and near Dalhousie in the beautiful Himalayas. It was organised by APPAN Chairperson, Shanta Serbjeet Singh, and her family. The theme of the festival was ‘Creating Harmony Managing Hate: The Role of Culture, Dialogue and The Arts’ which was explored through conversations, presentations and performances by around fifty participating artists and creative people from China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe and Australia as well as different parts of India.

Performances featured a rich variety of cultural traditions including Shiva’s Drum by Pt. Munshi Ram Bharadwaj, the Gaddi (Folk) Music and Dance from Chamba, the living treasure of Noh from Japan presented by Fusao Okamoto, Kun Opera by Yang Yang, Zen dance from Korea by Dr. Sun Ock Lee and Prof. Kim, traditional Indonesian dance by Didik Nini Thowok, Kathak by Uma Sharma, Sattriya dance by disciples of Guru Jatin Goswamy from Sattras of Asam and the traditional music and dance of Mongolia performed by Altengerel Davaazorig and Munkhzul Dorjpalam. 

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