Jen Brown

Didik Nini Thowok (2010-19)

I first met Didik at the APPAN Festival in India in 2010 and feel extremely privileged to have been invited to photograph dancers in several festivals in his home town of Yogyakarta, Java, and here in Australia at the BOLD Festival. Didik is famous in his home country for cross-gender performances in both traditional and contemporary styles. In the latter, he is often comedic and appears with one masked character to the front and quite a different one to the back. With Didik’s classical training and extremely flexible arm and hand movements, it is quite difficult to tell which way he is actually facing. 


Follow these links if you are interested in experiencing more of this extremely skilled and versatile artist.

The following images are from performances at Kulfest 2017, near Yogyakarta in Java, with the exception of the mirror portrait of Didik at the BOLD Festival 2019, Canberra.

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