Jen Brown

Portrait image of Jen Brown

Jen Brown has enjoyed an eclectic professional career in teaching, research, and production of multimedia content for online learning. She has worked in the school system, TAFE and university sectors over a career spanning 4 decades and with students of all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds in Qld, NSW, Tasmania and the UK. She has completed numerous tertiary qualifications including a Master of Education (by research) and two practice-led PhDs in creative media. 

Originally from Brisbane, Jen has lived in the far north and the far south of NSW. Since 2005 she has been based in Northern Tasmania where she worked as an academic and PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania. 

Since moving to a full-time career as an artist in 2010, Jen’s creative practice has encompassed projection, sound, photomedia, video and installation to explore a dynamic sense of place, voice, time and travel across changing political and cultural contexts. She continues to create solo works as well as collaborate on numerous cross-disciplinary projects with other artists in various locations across Australia, Indonesia, India, and Portugal.

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